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Le Massacre Belgium Rhum Pur Jus 50cl 55%Vol.

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Le Massacre is the first Belgian rum made from sugar cane juice.
It is the proud result of a fermentation and distillation carried out in Belgium in a traditional copper pot still.
The “Nouvelle Tradition” Massacre is a white rum with an alcohol content of 55 °.
Not being reworked or aged in barrels, it perfectly defines the fruity and pleasant aromas of sugar cane, with vegetal and freshness notes.

Info: https://www.lemassacre.be

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The Story Behind:
Le Massacre is created by 2 friends coming from the Hautes Fagnes region in Belgium.
Thomas, manager of his event company TS Location, and Jordan, co-founder of Cocktail D&N, have always enjoyed sharing a good rum together.
Having had the opportunity to travel together several times in Asia, including visiting local distilleries, it was obvious to them to take up the challenge of creating a Belgian cane juice rhum when they had the opportunity to import juice from Vietnam.
So their goal was to introduce Vietnamese sugar cane juice rum, which has been developed Belgian style.
To achieve this, they did not hesitate to collaborate with professionals in the field.
This rum is fermented and distilled by Belgiums first and one and only (serious) rum distiller: Dr. Clyde.

The Name:
Massacre: “Stylized figure, consisting of the two antlers of the deer gathered around the frontal bone, and kept as a trophy or used as an ornament.”
A true symbol of the Hautes Fagnes where Thomas and Jordan are from.
You can find this type of decoration in the houses and various establishments of this beautiful Belgian region.
It is for this reason that their logo bears the emblem.
As the woods must retain their natural appearance, the application of dyes and varnishes is absolutely prohibited. It is in this same perspective that they have developed this rum, in order to discover the natural flavors of the base product without altering them.

How to drink:
The best way to enjoy a spirit is to consume it the way you want it. However, here are the creators tasting tips:
A port / grappa type glass is the ideal glass! Its specific shape allows rum to express its aromas in the “balloon”, which will then be condensed in the “chimney”.
At room temperature, you will feel more the aromas but also the presence of 55 °.
Conversely, at a cool temperature, the aromas will be a little less present but the “alcohol” side will be more pleasant for people who are more sensitive to it.
In Ti ’Punch:
In an Old Fashionned type glass, add a teaspoon of cane sugar and 1/8 of a lime to your rum. The dosage is obviously to be adjusted according to your tastes. Best drunk without ice cubes. Stir until the sugar dissolves, or leave on for a drink that will evolve as the sugar dissolves.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose: It’s fresh, it smells like cane, it’s vegetal and fruity, we cannot yet distinguish 55 °.
On the palate: We find the cane well, the return is good over the length, we have like a reminder of sugar, and the 55 ° which comes to tickle.

The Distillery:
What better way to carry out this project than to go to the first rum distillery in Belgium already famous for the first, only and delicious molasses based rums.
So it was at Dr. Clyde in Trois-Ponts that we turned to discuss it.
Professional in his field, but also passionate, the master distiller was directly interested in taking part in this project.

The Sugar Cane:
The raw material used for making Le Massacre is sugar cane juice.
It is directly imported from Vietnam.
The cane used comes from 8 small plantations on the edge of the Mekong River in Vietnam.
These plantations practice a clean, reasoned culture, and without pesticides or GMOs.
This cane is also labeled by the Académie de l’Art Culinaire du Monde Creole (ACMC).
Harvested by hand, it is scraped, cleaned and rinsed, which already removes a lot of impurities before going to pressing.
It is therefore a premium cane juice that is used to make Le Massacre rum!
At the time, the ancients put wax on the ends of the cut cane to prevent it from oxidizing and therefore being able to transport it.
In our case, our juice goes through a freezing step at -18 ° C which takes place just after the press, allowing it to keep all its qualities, its color and its unique and authentic taste that will be found in our rum.

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