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Pusser’s Rum Black Tot Day 50th Anniversary Rum 70cl 54,5%vol.


For more than three centuries of Royal Navy tradition, sailors aboard their ships were issued a daily ration or “tot” of rum from the ship’s “Purser,” a term the sailors later coined as “Pusser.” Hence, Pusser’s Rum.

To this day, Pusser’s Rum—one of the world’s most historic and traditional rums—is still bottled and blended just as it was for the sailors and officers of the Royal Navy.

In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day, Pusser’s Rum is releasing 5,000 limited-edition bottles to commemorate the historic event.

These limited-edition bottles of Pusser’s Rum are sold to mark and honor the occasion.

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Pussers Rum 50th Anniversary Rum 54.5% is a limited edition bottling of rum launched in late 2019 to celebrate (perhaps commiserate would be a better word) the 50th anniversary of the date that the Royal Navy last issued the rum ration, Black Tot day on 31st July 1970. Pusser’s Rum will be releasing 5,000 limited-edition bottles to commemorate the historic event.

British Navy Pusser’s Rum is based up the same Admiralty blend West Indian rums that was issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty’ blessing and approval that Pusser’s is now available to the consumer. In return The Royal Navy Sailor’s Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the “Tot Fund” receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser’s Rum. Aside from the fund’s original bequest, the Pusser’s contribution has become the fund’s largest source of income.

Today’s Pusser’s is still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty’s specifications for rum. Unlike most rums, Pusser’s uses no flavouring agents. It is 100% natural. There are three standard rums in the current Pussers range – Blue Label bottled at 40%, Gunpowder Proof (Black Label) bottled at 54.5% and the reformulated 15 Year Old. Pussers Rum is a blend of rums from five different stills, three pot stills in Guyana and two column stills in Trinidad. It is this blend of rums, hand-selected which produces the perfectly balanced smoothness, flavour, and mellow depths of Pussers Rum. The blend is aged for a minimum of 3 years and features a heavy proportion of rum from the Port Mourant wooden pot still.

Like the Gunpowder Proof, the Pussers Rum 50th Anniversary Rum is a blend of Guyanan and Trinidadian rums bottled at 54.5% abv but it is made to the exact same specifications last used used by rum bottlers and blenders James Man (now ED&F Man) for the Admiralty when the rum ration (first issued in 1655) was discontinued in 1970 on “Black Tot” day. On Black Tot day some sailors wore black armbands, tots were buried at sea and at HMS Collingwood near Fareham there was a mock funeral procession complete with black coffin with accompanying drummers and piper.

Each limited edition bottle of Pussers Rum 50th Anniversary Rum features a numbered label. It is bottled, chill-filtered at “Gunpowder Proof” of 54.5% ABV.


Meet the Admiralty’s Recipe

Savor in the tradition of the Royal Navy’s rum. Layering a touch of classic Demerara with a warm mix of rich molasses and sweet brown sugar, Pusser’s Rum is a blend of the island spices of nutmeg, clove, and cassia mingled with notes of sultanas, prunes, and exotic tropical fruits. Our traditional rum ends with a finish of soft oak, toasty caramel, and the crowd-pleasing taste of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth English toffee.

The blend and recipe of Pusser’s Rum contains centuries of Royal Navy tradition. To this day, the blend of Pusser’s Rum is in accordance with the Admiralty’s recipe and the rum that was served on board. It’s bottled and blended just like the original Royal Navy rum.

Pusser’s Rum is a product of five stills, three in Guyana and two in Trinidad. Each rum is hand-selected based on its individual smoothness, flavour, and mellow depths, creating what Master Distillers call a “perfect balance.”

The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural. Since we make it just like they did years and years ago, no artificial colours, flavours, or sugars are added. Ever.


Celebrate the Historic 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day

Initially blended in 2015, Pusser’s Rum is—to this day—blended to the exact specifications last used by James Man (now ED&F Man), who supplied the rum to the British Royal Navy.

Aged for a minimum of three years (“the single malt of rum”), the Pusser’s Rum recipe is curated by the West Indies Rum Distilleries in Barbados and, in accordance to the necessary historic specifications, comes from the double wooden pot or “stills” that are still in use in Guyana. Charles Tobias, the founder of Pusser’s Rum, worked closely with Robert Wong, who at the time was the Chief Chemist at Trinidad Distillers and is today Trinidad Distillers’s CEO, to commercially blend and bottle the rum that dates back to 1979.

This blend, a blend of two toes of bulk rum from Trinidad and Guyana, are at the original Admiralty speciality—which was 68% ABV out of the barrel and chill-filtered.

That’s another thing – the mere inclusion of the phrase “Navy Rum” on a bottle of rum doesn’t make it so. Others may say on the label that their rum is a real “Navy Rum,” but experts and epicureans alike know what makes the difference in a Navy Rum’s unsurpassed smoothness: a real Navy Rum has to be distilled in wood. Their’s aren’t. Ours is.

The distillation of rum in wood—instead of metal—imparts a truly unique flavor, one that can only be described as “full and rich,” making most other rums pale in comparison. This flavor is unique to the wooden distillation process and cannot be duplicated from any other type of distillation.

Pusser’s distills in the same original Admiralty stills—just as it has for more than 200 years. These original Royal Navy’s stills are the bedrock of Pusser’s distinctive flavor and distillation process, which is what makes Pusser’s so different than other dark or golden rums.

Celebrate a taste of history—and a history of misbehavior—with Pusser’s Rum.


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