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That Boutique Y Rum Company Jamaica Secret Distillery 11 15 Years Batch 1 C<>H Marque 50cl 63,5%Vol

We’ve a visit to our latest ‘Secret Distillery’ from Jamaica and batch ones means an initial release. Oh, and it’s a monster of a Rum!
This is all about the genius of Jamaican Rum to service a need – to try and find a way around certain export conditions – primarily to Germany – and perhaps the folly in such experiments. Mirrors with Dr Frankenstein’s quest to create life and ultimately how that worked out for him and the monster he created.
How’s this for lab work? C<>H – a high ester marque – 1300-1400 gr/HLPA. A rare marque due to its extreme intensity. Medium molasses content, high cane juice vinegar, high dunder addition, medium water content, and high muck addition. 10 days of alcoholic fermentation, 10 days of dead wash, for a total of twenty days, with the wash being around 2-4%ABV. Double retort pot distilled. Aged continentally for 15 years and bottled at cask strength.
This is perhaps more complex than the human palate can truly unlock. It’s a blending marque rather than a beverage Rum if we’re honest, but no Rum collection could be without one. Absolutely packed full of tropical fruits, but with a lovely softening due to the long years in oak. It’s almost more of a textural experience than a flavour one. A little of this goes a long way.


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Frankenstein (1931). Starring Boris Karloff
“You’re crazy!” – Victor Moritz
“Crazy, am I? We’ll see whether I’m crazy or not.” – Henry Frankenstein

Tasting Notes by Boutique-y Pete:
Nose: An overload of pineapple, green banana, and tart Victoria plum. Green sugar cane bark, rich sultanas, and a sweet biscuit crumb base!
Palate: Lots and lots (and lots) of under ripe pineapple, zesty lemon peel, more green sugar cane bark. We mentioned the under ripe pineapple right?
Finish: Still wallowing in lots of under ripe pineapple and green sugar cane notes. A little jasmine florality interweaves. Delicate grip.


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