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A1710 Diamond Rock New Bottle 70cl 50,5%Vol


Agricole and Artisan Rum.
Diamond Rock, is an agricole white rum distilled from fresh cane juice, pressed once.
The long cane, cut by hand, is taken to the three Rolls mill at our A1710 distillery, located at the Habitation du Simon in François in Martinique.
It is crushed once in order to extract its nectar.
This first and only press makes it possible to recover the best and purest juice.
Distilled in a copper still fitted with its 7-plate column, Diamond Rock is slowly reduced to 50.5%.



Diamond Rock and Mixology:
“Diamond Rock”, the Diamond Rock, is a major site of Martinique and its history, which can be seen sparkling from the coast, towering over the Caribbean Sea with its imposing silhouette.
At the heart of the many battles which opposed French and English throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the Rock was conferred by the British Navy the honorary title of “warship” and became the HMS Diamond Rock.
Our Diamond Rock will now be the flagship of A1710 rums across the world!
Diamond Rock is a party rum, Rock n Roll, as sweet as a B but with the power of a C.
Remarkable finesse and softness in a ti-punch or in a cocktail, but also marvelous in pure tasting, Diamond Rock will delight all aficionados of mixology and great white rums.

Diamond Rock presents us with a brilliant and limpid robe.
The supple and straight nose welcomes us with mineral notes, white fruit, Kythera plum and chestnut.
On the palate, the attack is expressive with notes of almond sugar and leather.
In the mouth, this rum gives us a frank and clean sensation with great flavors of sugar cane.
A balanced white rum, both sweet and powerful, which brings a good length in the mouth.

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